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September 2010

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Writer's Block: Look at Me/Don't Look at Me

Do you seek attention or hide from it?

Just looking through the writer's block thing, and I came across this one.
I haven't updated in four weeks, so why not?
Here goes.

Do I seek attention, or do I run from it? Truth is, I do both. Sometimes I crave attention. And since I'm a very...touchy person (I guess?) I crave like, hugs and kisses and that sort of thing. When I crave attention, it's more along the lines of craving affection. I usually get like that after months of not having a boyfriend. Mind you, this doesn't mean I'm craving sexual attention. That's another matter entirely, if you ask me. And seeing as that was not the focus of this question, I will not address that matter at this present time. Kthx. But seriously, who doesn't get like that from time to time? "I'm a human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does."
Other times, however, I'm quiet and antisocial, and I don't want anyone touching me at all. It isn't necessarily because I'm angry or upset with or at anything in particular. I'm just not feeling the need for extra attention. I get like that quite often. People always mistake it for me being sad. Consequently, I get mistaken for an emo freak quite often, which I used to be, totally and completely, but am not anymore. Just in music preference and sometimes fashion preference. Oh well, I guess.

Hm. I thought I would have more to say on the subject. Guess not. Hope this entertained you for a few minutes, you nosey fuck reading my livejournal posts.