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September 2010

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So yeah, update.

I haven't done this in a while.
Ok so this past weekend was VooDoo.
I saw Lil Wayne and Dashboard Confessional and PANIC AT THE DISCOOO.
I think my life just might be complete.

But yeah, I think Panic was amazing. They sang my favorite song (Behind the Sea) and I really didn't think they would. And I think Ryan Ross is my new love. And Dashboard was pretty good too. I never really listened to them before, I only knew like five or six songs. But that is about to change. They're pretty good. I'm listening to them now actually.

And ah, life in general? Busy as ever. Now that marching season is drawing to a close, Christmas shit is about to start, so that means I'm finally gonna have to start splitting practices again. Not that I'm really bothered by that, it just gets hectic at times. But what I really can't wait for is December, in general. Braces off on the fourth, Cute Is What We Aim For on the fourteenth, Christmas, and Candace and I are having a New Year's party, with alcohol and shit. I'm hoping that that will all turn out as good as I anticipate it to be...maybe better?

Hmm...anyway. I still get bothered by things that shouldn't bother me. I get defensive about things I need not get defensive about. I know the truth about myself, and so do those who matter. Why do I let it affect me so? Whatever.

I'm done for today.