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September 2010

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New Year's Day, 09. Public.

So uh...fun party last night! If you didn't go, you totally missed out.
But all you kids who aren't comfortable with lying to parents, or who are scared of "wild parties" (though you won't admit it), or who just don't like the shit I like (rofl), I guess I don't blame you for not wanting to come.
And those of you who chose to get some instead, more power to you. xD

But the party was a success, and one of a kind, and if you didn't come because you thought it would be stupid, I hope YOU feel stupid.

I have some resolutions this year. I hope to follow through with them better than I did last year's.

1. I want to dedicate myself more to my music, and not just choir and band and all that. Like, I want to grow as a musician more than I have in the last three years combined. It will be tough, but what's life without a challenge, right?
2. I want to start being in plays again. I'm going to join SoLa again, and hopefully get a good part in whatever play they do, which Dillon told me this one will be Annie, Jr. I'm gonna aim for Grace or Hannigan. But I can only hope. xD
3. I'm getting back in dancing. Not that I ever really quit, but I do plan to take it more seriously. I haven't gone since Gustav, but to maybe two classes. I miss it. And I feel like I'm letting Mrs. Denise down. Not to mention, Kelsey and Brianna say they miss me. xD
4. I also want to continue working on last year's resolution, with a few minor changes. I want to stay in the "healthy place" I've created for myself, but I want to make sure that I keep it healthy, in the right way. My current healthy place has too many bad habits that are making me feel better (close friends know about those) and I need to quit.
5. I want to be more social. I need to be more open to the other friends I have, and not just Candace. Not that I want less of Candace (rofl), I just want my healthy dose of everyone else too. I feel like I don't spend enough time nurturing my other friendships.
6. I want to be healthier and more open to new things. I want to stop shying away from opportunities.
7. Last but not least, my lucky number seven resolution, I want to start taking life seriously. It's this horrible habit I have that I am not the most ambitious person, I don't care enough about school, I can't keep a job for more than two weeks, I don't work to my full potential, ever. I'm okay with being bored, and I want to change that, because it's when I'm bored that I cause trouble.

Now, let's see how this all plays out.
I have confidence about the first six, but I'll be curious to see how I do with number seven. xD

Anyway that's all for now.
And also, I think I want to start making more public livejournals. I like to keep my friends updated with the inner workings of my twisted mind. xD